What is a Church?

There are lots of ideas about what the church is.  Often when people refer to the church they are thinking about an organisation - like the Anglicans or Roman Catholics; and when giving directions someone may point out a 'church' as a landmark, in other words the church can also be a building. In fact the essence of a church is people.

The Bible describes the church in all sorts of ways, but the simplest way of describing a Christian church is a group of people who are in a relationship with God through Jesus Christ. That can include all of God's people through all time although more usually it refers to a particular group of people who gather together week by week to worship God and encourage each other.

Our fundamental desire is to know Jesus and to make him known. Church members are committed to help each other grow as Christians and to tell those who don’t know God about Jesus. "To know Him and Make Him known".

To put it another way, we work with Christians  in other churches in our village with a common desire which is expressed in our page header, "Helping to bring the sacred back into the heart of our village".