St Peters Liss IPC is a member of the British Presbytery

  • Presbytery Meetings occur every quarter
    • They are publicised for IPC St Peters on the Monthly prayer-letter and also the Monthly Noticeboard
    • They are mentioned on the events list of our Website (
  • Current Officers are: Moderator: Chris Craddock; Clerk : Barry Schutter
  • Presbytery Minutes (and other documents) are available on the Presbytery website
    • ( there is also¬† a link to the presbytery site is on our site in the area about what it means to be Presbyterian)
  • Synod metings take place annually
  • The synod website is
    • Next synod meeting is in March 2017
    • much of the website is members only, but not all
    • here is where you can get the official BCO (hard-copy or kindle or download)

The British Presbytery consists of 13 English speaking churches in the United Kingdom

     Presbytery Prayer Letter 2017 click for A4-pages or A5 booklet (both files are pdf)

The English Korean Presbytery consists of 9 Korean speaking churches in England and Europe

The European Presbytery consists of 6 church across Europe

The South Korean Presbytery consists of 5 IPC churches in South Korea