St Peters Trust


A separate charity, The St Peters Trust has been specifically set up to restore and watch over this ancient building. The trustees are made up of both members of the local community and members of the church, bringing experience in areas such as business, fundraising, law, banking and working with Local Authorities.

As a body the trust is committed to the protection and historically faithful maintenance of St Peters as well as raising the funds to facilitate this.

Read the Newsletter (pdf loaded March 2018)

For further enquiries please contact:

St Peters IPC Trust Corporation (registered working name-St Peters Trust)


St Peters International Presbyterian Church
Church Street, Liss
Hampshire, UK
GU33 6JY

Phone: 01730 858722

Chairman: Sue Harvey

St Peters Trust
Registered Company No. 06678647
Charity No. 1134300

St Peters Church
Church Street,
West Liss, Hampshire,
GU33 6JY

This is a postal address.

The church is open to the public during the week upon request as well as events and  on Sunday morning