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Sunday 5th May 2019

Worship Service 10:30 followed by Pot Luck lunch BREAD

We are very grateful to Krystyna Saunders for baking and supplying the communion bread at St Peters. You may have noticed the recipe has been available at the back of church for a few weeks.

Stephen writes:

Some have asked for the recipe and there are copies available for anyone to take at the back of the church. But recipes are only guides and cannot guarantee the same outcome every time.

It would be interesting to see (and taste) how everyone’s results turn out. We have only ever tasted the one which Krystyna devised herself, and she thinks that there will be some wonderfully varied results, and some likely improvements to be made.

If anyone fancies having a go, or indeed baking bread from their own recipe, we could bring them all along to the pot-luck lunch on 5th May. NB this is not a competition - just for fun! It would be great to have several bread-makers, for both communion and for nibbles after a service.