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At regular intervals there will be a topic available for general discussion. Discussion means that you participate and your opinions are heard. As far as we are concerned no topic is "out of order" or "off the menu". On our web-page "What is a Christian?" we say

We are open to discussion about our beliefs and actions. "Honest answers to honest questions" is a way to live. If Jesus Christ is Lord of the whole of life, not just in church or on Sundays, then that has an effect on everything we see or do and that will take thought and discussion.

This blogspot is one of the places where that aspect of our beliefs is put into practice.

We also plan on using this area for discussion of the course material

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As usual with such blogs, this will be a moderated discussion. In other words your submissions are read before they are posted for everyone to read. We will not allow offensive comments or personal attacks on individuals. Your entries will be read and posted if they do not contravene the House Rules. Individual submitted comments may be edited to conform to those rules or they may be ignored.

  1. No website or email addresses will be published
  2. No personal contact information will be published
  3. We require you to use a valid email address; we may contact you privately, but your email address will not be displayed
  4. Posts will be identified only by the nickname that you choose
  5. Any attempt to impersonate someone else will lead to the author being banned
  6. Any offensive comment, swear words or personal attacks on individuals will not be published
  7. We will not publish anything that breaks the law or condones or encourages unlawful activity. This includes breach of copyright, defamation and contempt of court.
  8. We will not publish any comment which we consider might describe or encourage activities which could endanger the safety or well-being of others
  9. We will accept no advertising of products or services
  10. Multiple postings of similar content (spam) will lead to that author being banned
  11. We will not post anything that we consider to be "off-topic" for the particular discussion (remember that you can make suggestions for future discussions)
  12. Any particular discussion will be terminated at our discretion
  13. The submission form will allow you to suggest future topics

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