cov whatsapp

Dear all,
Obviously a large part of meeting together as a church family is our interactions with each other.  As we cannot currently do this, we've been thinking of different ways to facilitate it.  I'm sure many of you are already in touch with one another, but we wanted to offer something to replace our post service chat over coffee.
We will use WhatsApp (more details below), and Jacob Smith has agreed to coordinate us into groups.
If you would like to be involved, you need to send Jacob your phone number  and whether you would be willing to host a chat.  Please do this by 10pm on Saturday.
NB By doing this you consent to your phone number being shared with others who are taking part.
Jacob will organise us into groups, and send to the hosts.  The hosts will then set up a WhatsApp group with those people in.  After the live streamed service, the host will initiate chat for, say, 15 minutes.
We realise this will feel odd, and may seem complicated, but it seemed like the most straightforward way to try and replicate fellowship.
Further information about WhatsApp for the uninitiated:
WhatsApp is a way of sending free messages over the internet using a smartphone.  It can also be used to make phonecalls and video calls.  It is easy to set up groups to send messages around (like group text messages).
You will need to download the WhatsApp app onto your phone.  Then other people can message you or add you to a group..
If you're interested, but have concerns or questions, plenty of people (including in church) use it regularly, so do ask someone.
We discovered at the first after service WhatsApp that if it is necessary to link your offering to a previous comment then this is the way to do it
There is a method of linking your answer to a specific post.... what you do (on a phone) is swipe-right the message which you want to answer and then type ... a bit of the message heads your reply