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Corona Virus

Several messages have been issued about how we as a church are responding to the emergeny restrictions put in place by the governement - more will be added as time goes on

To read any of these messages click the link

Pastoral letters

18th March James's initial message

25th March Pastoral letter no 2

1st April Pastoral letter No 3


To request help or to offer help or make comments

CoronaVirus Help Form


Services - for instructions see below

March 22nd: request OS pdf link to YouTube

March 29th:  request OS pdf link to YouTube

April 5th: request OS pdf link to YouTube

Service instructions


Prayer Meeting – 8pm Thursday 2nd April

Apologies for the short notice, but as it’s the first Thursday of the month, we will have an online prayer meeting tomorrow at 8pm. It would be encouraging to have a good number join us. We will be using ‘Google Meet’. To join, you click the following link -

LiveStream instructions

Whatsapp Instructions


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