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1st April 2020

“Why are you so downcast, O my soul? Why so disturbed within me? Put your hope in God, for I will yet praise him, my Saviour and my God.” Psalm 42:5

It’s OK not to be OK

There has been a helpful increase in focus on mental health in recent years, and one of the mantras we hear is “it’s OK not to be OK”. The idea of course is that we need to feel able to admit and speak about when we’re not OK, rather than simply bottle it up. I think that same phrase is very apt in our current situation. We don’t have to pretend – it’s OK not to be OK.

If that’s you, Psalms 42-43 can give us words to pray. The Psalmist is very real about the pain he’s feeling, but also that the way out is to take it to God. You may have found yourself feeling all sorts of emotions over the last few weeks. You may not have been able to relish the prospect of jobs at home or in the garden. You may really be struggling to accept technological substitutes for human contact. You may find yourself worrying about friends or family, or even fearing your own death.

The devil can then easily get it would a real Christian really be reacting like you are? Well, it’s OK not to be OK – so go again and put your hope in God. Read on for more practical steps you can take.

Prayer Corner (from Jill Barrs)

As a church, we’ve already set up a system for practical help, but are thinking of ways to stop people falling through the net. When it concerns practical matters, including illness, we seem to be happy to ask for help. But when it is more a question of loneliness, depression, needing encouragement etc., we all find it more difficult to 'go public'. Those who are on the Sunday morning 'Prayer Corner' are happy to be available for anyone to contact - for chat or prayer.

  • Jackie Webb                        07584 176941
  • John Raines                        01730 894518
  • Tom & Bill Harding           01730 894057,
  • 07920 062841 (Tom)
  • 07879 618314 (Bill)
  • Sarah Liechty                   01730 300107, 07530 701352
  • Jill Barrs                          01730 892676, 07816 063726


  • For up to date information, and links to previous services and letters – You can also sign up here (on the ‘Members Resources’ tab to get on the admin and prayer email lists).
  • To request or offer help for any practical needs - , or phone James or the deacons.
  • John Barrs is sending out regular prayer one-liners. Please send any in to .
  • The link for Sunday’s service is It will go live just before 10.30am, but you will also be able to watch it at a later date. (NB if you find the video ‘lagging’, one person found last week that rewinding it and watching the feed a couple of minutes behind ‘live’ solved the problem).
  • Contact Jacob Smith to be involved with post church WhatsApp chat.
  • Our next Thursday online Bible study will be 9th April, 8pm. If you would like to be involved, whether or not you usually go to a house group, please let James know.

Prayer Meeting – 8pm Thursday 2nd April

Apologies for the short notice, but as it’s the first Thursday of the month, we will have an online prayer meeting tomorrow at 8pm. It would be encouraging to have a good number join us. We will be using ‘Google Meet’. To join, you click the following link - (or copy and paste it into your browser).

You do not a google account or to sign up. If you have not used Google Meet before you will asked to download the app. You can do this in advance. Then at 8pm you can click ‘ask to join’ and you will be let into the meeting.

Good Friday – 10th April

As you know, we were planning a Good Friday service joint with Trinity Church, Liphook. This is obviously now cancelled. However, we are working on a pre-recorded service which we hope to send round next week.

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Together in His hands,

James Buchanan

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